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  • Replacement for GU256x64-312

    by Scoobis: I'm looking for a replacement for a GU256x64-312 send me a private message if you know a source. does anyone know a compatible module, It doesn't...

    2 0 13

    Started by Scoobis

  • VFD GU170x40 - 301

    by levaclaus: Hi. I need help. I found this display GU170x40 - 301 on the shelf. But I can not find data sheets for him in any way. data socket - 30pin power...

    2 0 23

    Started by levaclaus

  • 8 characters Noritake VFD module solution

    by enrico: I search a solution for an aircraft panel and I have space problems! ideal solution is 8 characters with 16x16 dot matrix or graphic display (always...

    1 0 61

    Started by enrico

  • GU-3900 series timing in DMA mode

    by elafargue: I am integrating a GU256x128-3900 on a design. The display is driven in DMA mode on its parallel port. For some reason, I am getting a lot...

    4 1 119

    Started by elafargue

  • CU-U Series

    by k: Noritake CU-U Series VFD Module HD44780 compatible command VFD module LCD direct drop-in replace models Compact models feature 1" width for...

    1 0 737

    Started by k

  • Driving SYNC interface from a PC

    by Mrbobb: So I want to hook up a CU20024-UX3J, SYNC IO only, to my PC, and of course PC don't do SYNC. So, HOW TO DO THIS? Anybody know a single-chip async...

    0 0 284

    Started by Mrbobb

  • CU16026SCPB-S display

    by KevinG: Hi. I cannot find any information about display part number CU16026SCPB-S display. Can anyone help? The pcb of this display has 26 pins on the...

    0 0 353

    Started by KevinG

  • VFD reset

    by aravind.d@accord-soft.com: Hello Everyone, I am Aravind Chakravarti, from Bangalore, India. I have a query. I am using GU280x16G-7000 VFD. My question is whether I can reset...

    0 0 398

    Started by aravind.d@accord-soft.com

  • Old ISE Display

    by Ignazio: Hi all, I need some help if possible. I have been looking for this display information since long time, but without results. This are: CU16026SCPB-S...

    0 0 370

    Started by Ignazio

  • GU140X16G-7000B vs GU140X16G-7002

    by Eric: We have been using GU140X16G-7002 displays, but have been told that these are obsolete now. The recommended replacement (when driving the display...

    0 0 420

    Started by Eric

  • CU-Y user defined font

    by jasonharper: The CU-Y series (I'm specifically using the CU24063-Y1A) has the ability to store a user-defined font in Flash ROM. Is the module smart enough to...

    0 0 513

    Started by jasonharper

  • CU_Y100 on Arduino DUE ?

    by Vaclav: Anybody has / build a library ( class) to use this module on Arduino Due ( SAM / ARM ) hardware? I am working on a simple way to debug image...

    0 0 488

    Started by Vaclav

  • CF1099GB

    by Gromozeka: Hello ! Not preserved if you have documentation on CF1099GB

    0 0 538

    Started by Gromozeka

  • VFD GU256X64-312

    by mr_hafiz: Hi all I have the following VFD GU256X64-312 which I salvaged. I want to use this Display with my arduino mega 2560. I want to know if I there is an...

    1 0 810

    Started by mr_hafiz

  • VFD Module

    by chaitanya.r@avantel.in: Hi all, I have the following VFD GU256x128C-3900B , While Power on the Display is not glowing,but it consumes 740 mA Current, Could any...

    1 0 598

    Started by chaitanya.r@avantel.in

  • Help with old network display

    by thunderboltcutter: I have what I believe is a older version of Noritake's network display kit with a GU256x16-322 display. Is there any software available for download?...

    0 0 461

    Started by thunderboltcutter

  • GU256x128C-3960 vs GU256x128C-3900

    by chals: somebody knows what the diference between the parts i need GU256x128C-3960 and the one that is in sell GU256x128C-3900, the noritake datasheets ...

    0 0 607

    Started by chals

  • GU256x128C-3960 vs GU256x128C-3900

    by chals: somebody knows what the diference between the parts i need GU256x128C-3960 and the one that is in sell GU256x128C-3900, the noritake datasheets ...

    0 0 486

    Started by chals

  • I2C VFD Module: GU140X32F-7064B

    by koyanagi.ele: First of full line up of VFD Module with I 2 C interface

    3 0 1,033

    Started by koyanagi.ele

  • GU-7000 Series

    by k: Noritake GU-7000 VFD Module -7000 Parallel 8bit and RS232 -7003 :Clocked and UART Serial

    13 0 1,622

    Started by k

  • CU-Y Series

    by k: Noritake CU-Y VFD Module Versatile Character Displays interface -Y1A : Parallel and Serial -Y100A: RS232 High Brightness ...

    2 0 942

    Started by k

  • GU-3000 Series

    by k: Noritake GU-3900B VFD Module Intelligent Text/Graphic commands General purpose IF :8bit I/O + 4bit Input port Macro programming mode for...

    1 0 870

    Started by k

  • Options: Value Added Service

    by k: Color filters Connectors Assy Cables Assy Metal parts Assy Function modifications Font Macro I/O ...

    0 0 775

    Started by k

  • Interface

    by k: Interface to host Parallel Clocked serial UART RS232/full,half SPI I2C GPIO for GU3xxxB Series 8bit I/O + 4bit input Options ethernet...

    0 0 774

    Started by k

  • CU-TE Series

    by k: Noritake CU-TE VFD Module RS232 Interface USB Interface TE-200A ASCII and Euro fonts TE-200K Chinese,Japanese and Korean 2x20 characters 2x16...

    4 0 825

    Started by k

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