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Noritake CU-Y VFD Module

Versatile Character Displays

  • interface
        -Y1A   : Parallel and Serial
        -Y100A: RS232
  • High Brightness
        -YX    :  High Brightness 3000cd/m2
  • Brightness control by character for High-lighting
  • Font
      5x8 dot font for uppercase
      International Font
      Font Magnification
  • Compact Size
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  • Screen format
       -20x2 characters 7mm ch height in 20x2 5mm footprint for improve visibility
       -20x2 characters 11mm ch height for 10ft viewing distance
       -22x4 characters 2mm ch Height Compact in 16x2 LCD footprint
       -24x4 characters 3mm ch height in 20x2 LCD footprint
       -24x6 characters 3mm ch height in 20x4 LCD footprint
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