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Can you kindly provide me with the I2C specification so that I can communicate with the controller on the 4 x 3 touch pad demo hardware.    Many thanks !

- is the controller an i2c master or slave (I assume it is slave)
- the I2C address
- the commands supported   -and-   the data received from the interface
- the condition (s)  for the hardware signal /CHANGE (pin5) to be active
- the Vcc voltage range (interested in +3.3 volt operation, other is OK)

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Noritake VFD

Unfortunately, this board was not fully developed and was only used for a short time for demo purposes only. Please private message us your email address and we can send you the schematic file for this board. It uses a AT42QT2120 chip from ATMEL so the specification for this board will come from this chip's datasheet.

Thank you for your post,
Noritake VFD
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I sent you my email.
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