Apr 25, 2014
Did you have problem getting started with the module?

Connector issue----
 Serial Connector
    2.5mm P  7 pins


    TYPE :SXH-002H-P0.6


Noritake :RS-232 DE-9 to 7 pin Kit

Only [confused] 5V power supply--This display needs 24V supply cable


GU-3000 Series
Feb 25, 2014
Image of GU512X32H-3900B     for  12" Slim Message Display

GU-7000 Series
Feb 25, 2014

Just for reference;
7003-uart.JPG  The display module of SCK-7003-112X16G-N16 is 7003.


Synchronous Serial interface


(CMOS level)
Asynchronous Serial Interface

[QUOTE=Tristan]Yes, that is the same code I was referring to.

Are you using the SCK-7003-112X16G-N16?[/QUOTE]
Options: Value Added Service
Mar 21, 2014
  • Color filters
  • Connectors Assy
  • Cables Assy
  • Metal parts Assy
  • Function modifications
  • Interface board for LAN(ethernet),USB

  • Power supply
Mar 21, 2014
Interface to host
  • Parallel
  • Clocked serial
  • UART
  • RS232/full,half
  • SPI
  • I2C

GPIO for GU3xxxB Series
  • 8bit I/O + 4bit input
  • ethernet -IP connection
  • USB
  • Terminal mode
CU-Y Series
Feb 25, 2014
  • Screen format
       -20x2 characters 7mm ch height in 20x2 5mm footprint for improve visibility
       -20x2 characters 11mm ch height for 10ft viewing distance
       -22x4 characters 2mm ch Height Compact in 16x2 LCD footprint
       -24x4 characters 3mm ch height in 20x2 LCD footprint
       -24x6 characters 3mm ch height in 20x4 LCD footprint
GU-7000 Series
Feb 25, 2014
Series and features

GU-7000 Parallel 8bit and RS232
GU-7003 :Clocked and UART Serial

-7xxxB : SPI
            I2C Models by request

-7900B : Flash memory on board
             Expanded font for CJK(Chinese,Japanese,Korean)
             Auto program function
Command Set
  • Font :Magnify x2, x3,x4 /Proportional font
  • Up to 4 Window area definable
  • International font and code + Customers font tables
  • Scroll text/Screen
  • Bitmap Direct and stored(79xxB)
  • Screen control :Brightness 8-level,Clear,Blink..
  • Power save: Stand-by mode
  • And more useful commands :see spec
CU-TE Series
Feb 25, 2014
Sample of 16x15 dot font

Not only indicating Chinese characters this dot format is capable to indicate following unique fonts.

Pictgram : Icons, Symbols for quick recognization
International Fonts : European and Asian
ASCII : Rich fonts as shown bellow


CU-TE Series
Feb 25, 2014
"TE-200K Chinese,Japanese and Korean"
This means CJK font capability,doesn't it?

Each character position has 16x15 dotmatrix to display these fonts.

[QUOTE=Lupin05]Hi !.

I think TE is capable to indicate CJK fonts.
Am I correct?

Noritake Core Technology Collabration -Fine patterning,Glass,Ceramics,Vacuum,Semicon,Embedding
Mar 13, 2014
Noritake Core Technology Collaboration

Fine patterning,Glass,Ceramics,Vacuum,Semicon,Embedding
Welcome small scale tests to volume productions
Unique technologies and combinations are available

Super Fine Aluminum Etched Mesh EMI Shield Window
Mar 13, 2014
Clean visibility and effective EMI attenuation

Super Fine Aluminum Etched Mesh  EMI Shield Window

4.3" 4x3 Capacitive Keypad
Feb 25, 2014
Evaluation Kit (Image)  4.3" size
Keypad Printed sheet behind the touch glass
Atmel AT42QT2120  I2C IF on board
4x3-4.3in-key with sheet.jpg 
School and Educational Samples
Mar 10, 2014

As part of on-going commitment to develop future engineers, Noritake Co., Inc. Electronics Division is offering Evaluation samples for educational purposes. The following certified educators are eligible for this kit:

  • Not-for-profit technical schools
  • Vocational schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
Tell us your project;
Contract us
GU-U100 KS0108 upper compatible VFD Graphic Module
Mar 09, 2014
GU-U100 Series GU128X64E-U100 is a LCD compatible Graphic VFD Module.

In addition to KS0108 commands this module features "sync serial IF" and brightness control functions.

  • You can use existing code for LCD
  • Noritake VFD's Benefits;
         Better readability :Bright and wide viewing angle
         High speed response : Screen refresh at higher than 70Hz
         Wide temperature operation : -40 to +85 degC
         Long-term support :Noritake's accountability as the original VFD manufacturer

Spring Discount Sale
Mar 08, 2014
Noritake Spring Discount Sample Sale

  • Starting Mar.10, 2014 ending Apr.10,2014
  • 50% discount of unit price
  • US,Canada shipping only
  • 3pcs max per order
  • Online stock items only
  • Refer terms and conditions at Noritake Onlineshop
By Electronics Div. Noritake Co.,Inc. USA

GE-7000 Series
Feb 25, 2014
Refer Brochure of GE256X64C-7032B
Evaluation Kit GU144X16D and CU16024-UX
Feb 25, 2014
Thank you for your request. We start shipping the kits Feb 26, 2014
12" 12x1 capacitive Keypad
Feb 25, 2014
Noritake 12" 12keyx1line capacitive Keypad

Size :Approx 350x48mm(330x25mm effective area)  same size as GU512X32H-3900B

Controller Boaï½’d :Noritake Evaluation Kit Atmel AT42QT2120 I2C IF

4.3" 4x3 Capacitive Keypad
Feb 25, 2014
Noritake 4.3"  4x3 Capacitive Keypad

Transparent Glass Touch Switch
Controller Board :Noritake Evaluation Kit
GE-7000 Series
Feb 25, 2014
Noritake GE-7000 OLED Module
GU-7000 Series
Feb 25, 2014
Noritake GU-7000 VFD Module

-7000 Parallel 8bit and RS232
-7003 :Clocked and UART Serial
GU-3000 Series
Feb 25, 2014
Noritake GU-3900B VFD Module
  • Intelligent Text/Graphic commands
  • General purpose IF :8bit I/O + 4bit Input port
  • Macro programming mode for stand-alone mode
  • Rich font: 32/24/16/8 dot
  • International font : Europe and Asia(Chinese/Japanese/Korean)
  • Parallel,RS232 Interface
CU-TE Series
Feb 25, 2014
Noritake CU-TE VFD Module

RS232 Interface
USB Interface

TE-200A ASCII and Euro fonts
TE-200K Chinese,Japanese and Korean

2x20 characters
2x16 characters

9mm and 11mm Character Height for up to 10ft viewing distance.
CU-Y Series
Feb 25, 2014
Noritake CU-Y VFD Module

Versatile Character Displays

  • interface
        -Y1A   : Parallel and Serial
        -Y100A: RS232
  • High Brightness
        -YX    :  High Brightness 3000cd/m2
  • Brightness control by character for High-lighting
  • Font
      5x8 dot font for uppercase
      International Font
      Font Magnification
  • Compact Size
CU-U Series
Feb 25, 2014
Noritake CU-U Series VFD Module

HD44780 compatible command VFD module

LCD direct drop-in replace models

Compact models feature 1" width for 1U panel