Noritake Forum needs more content
Sep 23, 2014
Give some support in the form of new example code for your legacy products, this is the best way to build a following. I would have never heard of Noritake if wasn't for your older products.
VFD GU256X64-312
Aug 22, 2014
From what I've seen looking at different datasheets the 300 series almost if not the same as the 800 series. These are both old modules that you will find little to no support for. All I could find is this: and this might also help

Let me know how it works out, I've been trying to get the last example code given to work with my pic16.
VFD Module
Sep 10, 2014
From what I've seen you short pin 2-3
Look at this GU7000 Application notes to get an idea of what I'm talking about:
Help with old network display
Sep 23, 2014
I have what I believe is a older version of Noritake's network display kit with a GU256x16-322 display. Is there any software available for download? _MG_6207.JPG  _MG_6205.JPG