iTron FG85C1A1 8 Digit 7 Seg and D.P. VFD - Filament Voltage or Datasheet?

w8adq  Oct 16, 2016
iTron FG85C1A1 8 Digit 7 Seg and D.P. VFD Hello everyone! I have a couple of these old calculator VFDs and am trying to find out the correct filament voltage. Does anyone know,or have a scan of an old datasheet? Thank you for your help. Wishing you all the best. 73, Jack W8ADQ

Noritake VFD  Oct 17, 2016
Hello Jack W8ADQ,

Thank you for your interest in our VFD tube technology.
The FG85C1A1 was discontinued over 10 years ago but we may still have that model's datasheet in our archives.
We will check our archives and get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience,

Noritake VFD 

Noritake VFD  Oct 18, 2016
Hello Jack W8ADQ,

We received some information that may be helpful when determining the correct filament voltage. Unfortunately we could not obtain the voltage for your exact VFD but this should give you a good idea as to the voltage that should be used since these parts are very similar. 

Filament Voltage
Part numberMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Note: Vac means the effective value at 50/60Hz (Vrms.)

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Thank you,
Noritake VFD