I2C specification, please, for ---> 3x4 touch glass keypad (with AVR CONTROLLER)

o.j.cepella  Feb 12, 2017

Can you kindly provide me with the I2C specification so that I can communicate with the controller on the 4 x 3 touch pad demo hardware.    Many thanks !

- is the controller an i2c master or slave (I assume it is slave)
- the I2C address
- the commands supported   -and-   the data received from the interface
- the condition (s)  for the hardware signal /CHANGE (pin5) to be active
- the Vcc voltage range (interested in +3.3 volt operation, other is OK)


Noritake VFD  Feb 13, 2017

Unfortunately, this board was not fully developed and was only used for a short time for demo purposes only. Please private message us your email address and we can send you the schematic file for this board. It uses a AT42QT2120 chip from ATMEL so the specification for this board will come from this chip's datasheet.

Thank you for your post,
Noritake VFD

o.j.cepella  Feb 14, 2017
Thanks. I sent you my email.

BurchSung  May 18, 2018
Hi...I am gonna design but i couldn't find any reference from the internet regarding design for such a touch matrix keypad.I am thinking of some design which can be used for flexible key pad for Touch matrix.I need to design single switches same like touch modules available over internet. Using such a modules I can assemble my touch pad of any size.

Noritake VFD  May 18, 2018
Hello BurchSung,

Thank you for your post.

If you would like to discuss your custom "flexible" keypad project further with one of our sales engineers, please fill out our contact form (https://www.noritake-elec.com/support/contact-us).

Noritake VFD