LCD Touchscreen - Error message

Herve  Apr 03, 2019

Hello !

I'm from France and my english is not very good so sorry for my writing.

Hope there is still active people on this forum because I need help ! 

I have a system WATERBIKE with a touchscreen but i have to fix it.

On the screen, when I start the device, I have the home page. After a few second I have a new page with a message : " NO EXP!"

I check all the wire and sensors. They are all ok. 

Maybe some one can help me about this problem. 

thanks all

Noritake VFD  Apr 03, 2019

Hello Herve,

In order to help solve your issue, we need a bit more information.

What is the product number of the TFT module that you are using?

Can you post a photo of the issue that you are experiencing?

Thank you for your interest in our products.