MOKA DINESH  Feb 26, 2020

Hi i am using CU20045SCPB-T31A VFD Display, through MATLAB am trying to send data using serial communication and through RS-232 to RS-485 connecter i connected to display. The following below is the my MATLAB code


set(s,'stop bits',1);




but instead of HELLO am reciveing different symobls in display...please help me out

Noritake VFD  Feb 26, 2020

Hello Moka,

Thank you for your question.

First off, could you provide your signal wiring and jumper configuration? (J0 - J4 and JA)

Thank you,

Noritake VFD

MOKA DINESH  Feb 27, 2020

hi thanks for your reply.

Actually i got the display finished product form from the vendor company so i dont have access to jumpers configuration

but before using MATLAB i send serial data using HYPER TERMINAL with a BaudRate of 19200 and i received the data whatever am sending

Noritake VFD  Feb 27, 2020


Be sure to check all comunication settings from your hyper terminal session. Not only baudrate, but parity as well. This module's default parity value is EVEN. However, since you cannot see the jumper configuration, it is difficult to say which parity mode is being used.

Based on your MATLAB code, you do not set any parity, so this could be the issue.

Best Regards,

Noritake VFD

MOKA DINESH  Feb 28, 2020

hi thanks for your suggestion i tried with EVEN parity but didnt get the output. I am trying to check for jumper configurations and let you know the jumper configurations

MOKA DINESH  Mar 04, 2020

hi the default configurations of signal and jumper configurations only used. i tried with different baudrates also but still not getting proper output

Noritake VFD  Mar 04, 2020


Can you check your signal voltage? The display module expects 5V signals.

Additionally, make sure you have common ground between your PC interface and VFD interface.

Best Regards,

Noritake VFD

MOKA DINESH  Mar 16, 2020

Thanks Noritake

i am receving the data whatever am sending.But For the same code sometimes the data transmitted is retaining in the disply and sometimes it is displaying the data in that particular instant only

Noritake VFD  Mar 16, 2020


Can you explain your issue in a bit more detail?

I am having a difficult time understanding your most recent post.

Thank you,

Noritake VFD

MOKA DINESH  Mar 18, 2020

Thank u Noritake

The data Which I am sending to the VFD display unit through matlab  is displayed only for a small fraction of time after executing the code  and  the display unit screen is getting cleared and some times the previous data and the present data means executing the code for second time are displayed till I switch off the display unit.

Noritake VFD  Mar 18, 2020


That is quite strange behavior.

Is your matlab code only sending "Hello World" to the display? (like the code from your first post)

If not, can you send the code you are current working with?

Thank you,

Noritake VFD

MOKA DINESH  Mar 19, 2020

hi the following below is my matlab code






Thank you

Noritake VFD  Mar 19, 2020


Thank you for providing your code.

I would like to clarify your exact issue.

When you execute your code, "heloo" is displayed on the screen but the screen is cleared shortly afterwards.

Additionally, when you execute the code again, you can see two "heloo" strings on the display until you turn the display off.

Is this correct?

Best Regards,

Noritake VFD