GU144x40-K610A4 software version v2

ian  Jun 01, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know anything about this display? yes I know its about 20 years old, just because it's old does not mean it's useless!

I have written a libray to do almost 95%  of the functions and it works well.

My question is why when wrting to the display all pixels work using setPixel except the 95 column(x axis). Every time I write to it the display behaves erratic.

I have several of these displays and thye all do the same, is this a bug in the firmware of the onboard ATMELMega16?

SetArea works ok and all the pixels will light up so the display is not faulty.

Anyone have any sensible suggestions?



void vfdCommand(unsigned char rxbyte)
  // this is the main command all functions use.
  // The MB(module busy) line indicates the module is busy when high.
  while (digitalRead(moduleBusyPin) == HIGH)
void vfdSetPixel()

Noritake VFD  Jun 02, 2021

Hello Ian,

Have you tried disabling hex mode with the [0x1B, 0x42] byte sequence?

While in hex mode, the display interpreits 0x60 as a hexadecimal prefix. So, if hex mode is disabled, 0x60 is treated normally.

Let me know if this improves your issue at all.

Best Regards,

Noritake VFD