Arduino Help for CU24025-UW2J

Everett  May 06, 2022

I need help with a new CU24025-UW2J vfd module

I've had it for a little over a year but it hasn't been used until now.  As an initial test I've tried running the "Hello" demo without any success.  The display is powered by a 5v "wall wart" power supply that I measured at 4.93v output; the arduino UNO is powered by the computer's USB port.  The display's JP5 and JP6 jumpers have been shorted for serial operation using the International font.

When power is applied to the display it remains dark.  There is no change when the sketch is run.  So I can't tell if the display has a problem, if there's a problem with the Arduino or the sketch.  Should the display "flash" or give some indication that it's booting up when power is applied?  Is it possible to put the display into a "test" or "demo" to verify operation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Noritake VFD  May 07, 2022

Hi Everett,

Thanks for posting and sending a technical support request via our website. Our sales & customer support team contact you shortly.