Old VFD gu144x16d-k610a2 v3 replacement

Michael  Aug 18, 2023

Hello, I'm trying to replace my VFD in my card shuffler and I can't find a diagram or know what the 10 pin layout is. I just need to read the display but don't have a spare to plug in or have how to plug a replacement in unless it's the exact same model. 

This is the model 

gu144x16d-k610a2 v3

What can I replace it with? 

How can I determine what is being put out on each 10 pin?

Noritake VFD  Aug 22, 2023

Hello Michael,

Sorry for our late response.
Could you let us know your contact info to support you directly if you need our support?
Please contact us via our contact form. Our sales engineer will support you.