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PedroDaGr8  Aug 20, 2014
[QUOTE=chipmikro]I can't see the link for this promotion. [/QUOTE]unfortunately:This promotion has ended but new eval...
koyanagi.ele  Aug 14, 2014
GU140x32F-7003 only has serial interface, either UART or USART.
wickerman  Jul 08, 2014
Found (a kind of) DMA mode in GU-3xxx spec.Writing speed may be faster..I have not tried it yet though.
koyanagi.ele  Jun 12, 2014
Discuss new technologies
Noritake VFD  Apr 26, 2014
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k  Apr 19, 2014
Thanks for your report;
k  Mar 28, 2014
Image of GU512X32H-3900B     for  12" Slim Message Display 
k  Mar 21, 2014
Color filters        Connectors AssyCables AssyMetal parts AssyFunction modificati...
k  Mar 21, 2014
Interface to hostParallelClocked serialUARTRS232/full,halfSPII2CGPIO for GU3xxxB Series8bit I/O + 4bit inputOptionset...
k  Mar 21, 2014
Sample of 16x15 dot fontNot only indicating Chinese characters this dot format is capable to indicate following uniqu...
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